Feb 2017

Feb 21, 2017

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Recruitment Fraud

  Have you heard of the term “recruitment fraud”? Recruitment fraud is a growing trend where someone creates a fake job listing in the hopes of garnering either money or personal data from applicants. They…

Feb 10, 2017

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HR & Qualification fraud

  HR Fraud accounts for 28% of all fraud committed. Like Payroll Fraud, another big contributor of HR Fraud is Qualification Fraud. When your business is recruiting for a position that requires an academic qualification,…

Feb 6, 2017

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Stop Payroll fraud today!

  For business owners, identifying payroll fraud and then being able to collect the necessary evidence to be able to stop this from continuing, is about putting sufficient controls and measures in place, such as:…

Feb 3, 2017

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Payroll red flags

  Payroll Fraud is the theft of cash from a business via the payroll processing system. With 27% of all business being affected by Payroll Fraud, why not make things easier for yourself and ensure…