Jan 2018

Jan 25, 2018

Uphando News

You’re invited!

Uphando invites you to our first public course for 2018. Take advantage of our special website offer - RSVP using the contact form on our website and quote the promo code (UPH001WS) in your RSVP to…

Jan 23, 2018

Industry News

The Asset Tracing Process

The process of tracing and identifying stolen assets may involve legal manoeuvring as well as practical investigative actions to determine the location of the assets and funds (“follow the money”) and whether the assets and…

Jan 18, 2018

Industry News

Who uses asset tracing?

Who is a typical client needing asset tracing? Large corporate and other big conglomerates are obvious candidates, but so are smaller companies and high net-worth individuals. A typical client may approach Uphando because a business…

Jan 16, 2018

Industry News

Asset Tracing

Consider this. Your business partner has suddenly emptied the company business account and absconded abroad. Checking back, you find he has also been steadily leeching company profits over the past two years and has now…

Jan 9, 2018

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What we measure, we improve!

Let's recap... In our last post, we introduced you to bright-line rules as a tool to combine discipline, motivation and habits. A bright-line rule refers to a clearly defined rule or standard. These rules make action steps…