Feb 2018

Feb 20, 2018

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Individual Background Research

Background Research is also known as Background Checks, Suitability Checks and Probity Checks. This is the process of looking up and authenticating various pieces of personal and confidential information on an individual. This information can be used to verify…

Feb 13, 2018

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SA Revenue Service Lifestyle Audits

After spending hours pouring over your financial affairs and searching for that elusive invoice which once served as a wine coaster, there can be no greater joy than finally submitting a tax return. If you…

Feb 6, 2018

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Lifestyle Audits

  According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) Report to the Nation in 2010, fraudsters often display certain warning signs or red flags that they are engaging in illicit activity. In 43 percent…

Feb 1, 2018

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Break The Corruption Chain

South Africa is one of the most diverse and enchanting countries in the world. As its inhabitants, we are fortunate enough to be the home of eight world heritage sights, to communicate with each other…