Oct 2019

Oct 30, 2019

Industry News

Avoid Becoming A Hijack Victim

We live in a country where people are being hijacked on a daily basis. Approximately 45 cars are hijacked a day in South Africa. The majority of hijackings occur on a Friday as this is…

Oct 23, 2019

Industry News, Services

Industrial Relations

Industrial Relations encompasses the relationship between the management and the staff and the role of a regulatory body to resolve any industrial disputes. The role mainly covers the following aspects: Regulatory body to resolve industrial…

Oct 16, 2019

Uphando News

Boss’s Day

Today is international Bosses Day, it is to celebrate our employers and the hard work they put into running the business. Today we would like to honor and thank the boss behind Uphando Forensic and…

Oct 10, 2019

Industry News

What are the leading causes for most vehicle accidents?

Main causes of collisions Distractions;Drunk Driving;Reckless Driving;Speeding;Weather Conditions;Potholes;Tires and Brakes; andPedestrians. Other causes Running through orange/red lights;Not stopping at stop signs;Driving at night;Animal crossings;Mechanical failures;Improper turns;Unsafe lane changes – USE YOUR INDICATORS;Tailgating – driving too…

Oct 2, 2019


When to dismiss an employee

When is the best time to dismiss an employee? What can you do to ensure that you don’t get into trouble with labor unions? What is the correct procedure? Be sure to look at alternative…