6 Personality Types That Never Get Promoted

Feb 26, 2020

Employee Motivation

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Some employees may think that a promotion has only to do with their work performance but little do they know that their personalities play a role too. Below you will find out the 6 different personality types that are often overlooked when an advancement opportunity arises. 

Chatty Cathy

Strong communicators often receive a positive appraisal from their superiors but if your idea of a strong communicator involves spending your free time in the office gossiping with your coworkers or spreading rumors then you more than likely won’t be looked at for a promotion.

Mr. Doormat 

Many employees often try their best to accommodate requests given to them by their managers but pushovers who take on more responsibility than they can handle and are too scared to speak up when they can’t manage definitely don’t appeal to the decision-makers of a company. 

Negative Nancy

Negative employees who are constantly rejecting their colleagues suggestions and ideas or employees who complain on the regular without trying to improve their situation, or who find it impossible to be positive for anyone or anything in the office are definitely not likely to earn high opinions of their superiors, which in turn will more the chance of a promotion very slim. 

The Damsel In Distress 

Being a good team player involves you taking responsibility for your mistakes and being honest about your weaknesses. If an employee is constantly playing the victim role and blaming others for their own mistakes such as missed deadlines or their below satisfactory work performance they will have a very had time winning their colleagues trust over, including their supervisor. 

The Rage Monster

Losing your temper in your office is not acceptable for anyone over the age of four but some employees fail to realize this and instead, they let their rage take over and release their anger onto their coworkers. This not only proves to be a toxic trait but it also doesn’t yield optimal results. 

The Know-It-All

Employers seek out knowledgeable staff, who have an interest in learning more and sharing the information but if you find yourself constantly correcting your coworkers and insisting that your ideas or strategies are better than those of your coworkers, and you make it obvious that you are the smartest person in the office then you are more than likely going to alienate yourself from your coworkers and your employer, which of course will stop you from getting a promotion. 

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