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Apr 18, 2019


Happy Easter

Uphando Forensic and HR services wish all our clients and readers a happy Easter. May you enjoy the long weekend with friends and family. Please travel safely wherever you go.

Apr 5, 2019


Combating Corruption

Corruption has become a household word in South Africa over the years for a number of reasons. Studies have shown that corruption is higher in public sectors than in private companies; however both have a…

Mar 29, 2019

Industry News

Differences between Fraud and Corruption

There are many similarities between Fraud and Corruption. However differences are noted and in order to identify these differences the definitions are essential: Fraud: Wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal…

Mar 25, 2019


What is Computer Forensics?

The purpose of Digital / Computer Forensics is to: Search;Preserve; andAnalyse information on a computer, device and or central processing unit to find evidence in support of an investigation. When dealing with data, it is…

Mar 15, 2019


How does a Lifestyle Audit or Asset Trace work?

In order to commence with such an investigation, a seasoned Investigator can utilise minimal information to obtain success. However, the following information will be of great assistance: Identity of the suspected fraudster(s);Any documentary evidence; andAll…

Mar 8, 2019


Lifestyle Audits and Asset Traces

What is a lifestyle audit? The objectives of a lifestyle audit are to determine the balance of income versus expenses. Enquiries through third party sources can provide valuable information to determine the expenditure habits of…

Feb 28, 2019


Vetting and Verifying Vendors

Suppliers are a crucial part in any business. Finding and keeping exceptional suppliers are fundamental to success. Previously vetting suppliers only involved 4 factors: Price;Location/ Proximity;Capacity; andProduct selection. However; in today’s competitive market it also…

Feb 18, 2019


Fearlessly Facing Fraud

Once Fraud and or Theft have been established, stay calm and think logically. Consider: Who are the most obvious people that may be involved; Which opportunities were available to them to manipulate the system and…

Feb 8, 2019


Who Steals and Why?

  It is much easier to steal from an unknown corporation than what it is to steal from someone you know. It is also easier to steal from someone who might not miss the funds…