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Nov 26, 2021


10C’s In Supplier Vetting

Making the right choice when selecting a supplier for your business is a very important decision. The 10C's can be used for assessing a potential supplier that you wish to use. Before you begin using the…

Nov 12, 2021


Caught Stealing at Work

Recent studies have shown that almost 75% of employees have stolen at least once from their place of employment. Stealing from work is completely unethical! So even if you think no one will notice the…

Oct 14, 2021


The Advantages of HR Outsourcing

1. Outsourcing Frees Up Time - You’ll have access to a certified and dedicated HR professional who can offer insight when needed and find solutions as problems or issues occur within your business. 2. Cost-Effective…

Sep 16, 2021


Warning Signs of Fraud Within Your Company

It is no secret that all companies are at risk of fraud and losses. Fraud usually occurs when sufficient internal controls are lacking or are inadequate. The best approach for a small-business owner is to…

Aug 27, 2021


Causes Of Dishonesty in the Workplace

Everybody lies sometimes. On average 60 per cent of people lie at least once in a 10-minute conversation with a stranger the problem is that when a small business experiences dishonesty in the workplace it…