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Oct 16, 2019

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Boss’s Day

Today is international Bosses Day, it is to celebrate our employers and the hard work they put into running the business. Today we would like to honor and thank the boss behind Uphando Forensic and…

Oct 10, 2019

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What are the leading causes for most vehicle accidents?

Main causes of collisions Distractions;Drunk Driving;Reckless Driving;Speeding;Weather Conditions;Potholes;Tires and Brakes; andPedestrians. Other causes Running through orange/red lights;Not stopping at stop signs;Driving at night;Animal crossings;Mechanical failures;Improper turns;Unsafe lane changes – USE YOUR INDICATORS;Tailgating – driving too…

Oct 2, 2019


When to dismiss an employee

When is the best time to dismiss an employee? What can you do to ensure that you don’t get into trouble with labor unions? What is the correct procedure? Be sure to look at alternative…

Sep 24, 2019


Happy Heritage Day

Uphando Forensic and HR Services would like to wish all our clients and readers a happy Heritage Day. On Heritage Day we are encouraged to celebrate the cultures, belief and traditions that make us proudly…

Sep 18, 2019


What does Digital Forensics do?

What is Digital Forensics? Also known as Computer Forensics, it is the application of scientific investigatory techniques to digital crimes and attacks. It is the identification, preservation, examination and analysis of digital evidence. What can…

Sep 11, 2019


Policies and Procedures

If a company does not have policies and procedures in place, the company risks the safety of its employees, it’s capital and its reputation. By having these written up to suit your businesses needs and…

Sep 4, 2019


Risky Business

Any business owner should make sure their business is not at risk for fraud, theft or corruption. A risk assessment is the process of identifying, analyzing and evaluating any potential risks that might cause the…

Aug 28, 2019

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Importance of Vehicle Insurance

It sucks to pay insurance every month knowing you are a good driver. Your driving skills are not the problem however, it is everyone else on the road that you are watching out for. And…

Aug 22, 2019

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Payroll submissions to SARS

Anything involving SARS is usually an intricate and complicated matter. Whether it is submitting your tax returns or submitting payrolls for midyear. If your payroll is submitted incorrectly it could end up costing your company…