Building Habits

Dec 12, 2017

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The big question is – how do you cultivate discipline and motivation? The short and sweet answer to this is simple – by building habits – starting as small as you can manage, even microscopic, and gathering momentum, reinvesting it in progressively bigger changes to your routine, and building a positive feedback loop.

But what is a habit? According to Wikipedia, habits are “routines of behaviour that are repeated regularly and tend to occur subconsciously”. Habits work in three steps – first, there is a trigger or cue (e.g location, time of day or emotional state), this then prompts a routine and thereafter a reward. 

When building motivation and discipline habits, you need to be persistent in order to ensure that those habits eventually switch to autopilot. Just be careful not to build habits that you could do without in the process.

So up and at ‘em! Create a routine and stick with it. Studies prove that willpower is the strongest in the morning before exhaustion and other priorities get in your way. So perhaps the easiest way to get those old motivation and discipline bones going is to adopt a morning ritual and you will start to see BIG results. So hold off hitting that snooze button and habitually opt for a more productive future!


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