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Feb 24, 2022


Protect Your Business From Employee Fraud

Small businesses without strong internal controls of money and paperwork are the most vulnerable to employee fraud. Don’t wait for a fraud to occur. It is essential to be proactive and preventative and put processes…

Jan 13, 2022


Prevent Employee Fraud From Happening

Audit the Books Regularly - Your company books should be routinely audited where there is cash, refunds, product returns, inventory management, and accounting functions. Additionally, occasional non-scheduled audits can also help detect fraud. Train Employees To…

Dec 9, 2021


Types of Business Fraud to Look out For

Fraud is a very serious matter, but a well-structured and organised fraud risk management policy diminishes your chances of losing an enormous amount of money due to erroneous number-crunching or an inside job. Below is a…

Dec 2, 2021


The Different Types of Procurement Fraud

Procurement fraud is an arrangement between the procurement manager or other designated officials who award contracts to a vendor in return of favours. As a result of this unethical transaction, businesses suffer billions of rands…

Sep 16, 2021


Warning Signs of Fraud Within Your Company

It is no secret that all companies are at risk of fraud and losses. Fraud usually occurs when sufficient internal controls are lacking or are inadequate. The best approach for a small-business owner is to…

Aug 6, 2021


How To Spot Employee Fraud

Small businesses are much bigger targets of employee fraud than larger corporations. As a small business owner one of the biggest leaps of faith you face when starting out is believing that you have hired…

May 20, 2021


The Most Common Types of Consumer Fraud

Consumer fraud occurs when a person suffers from a financial or personal loss. The fraud can involve the use of deceptive, unfair, misleading, or false business practices. Here are some of the most common frauds…

Dec 11, 2020

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Fraud Risk Assesment – Vulnerabilities

Everyone knows that fraud risks are out there, but not everyone is equipped to recognize and reduce the impact of fraud. A fraud risk assessment is an essential component in helping organisations protect their people,…