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Feb 5, 2020


Dealing with Employee Theft in the Workplace

Money is usually the first thing that comes to mind when you think of stealing in the workplace but it isn't necessarily limited to cash. Employees can steal company information and pass on confidential information…

Recruitment at Year End

Year end is always a tiresome and difficult time. Everyone has the holidays in mind, so work slows down across most industries. Why is that? Most common reasons: Most companies have worked out their budget…

Nov 13, 2019

Industry News, Services

Business Banking Fraud

There are several types of banking fraud that businesses can fall victim to. According to the world's largest anti-fraud organisation, ACFE, small and mid-sized businesses are the most common victims of fraud. And the effects…

Oct 23, 2019

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Industrial Relations

Industrial Relations encompasses the relationship between the management and the staff and the role of a regulatory body to resolve any industrial disputes. The role mainly covers the following aspects: Regulatory body to resolve industrial…

Oct 2, 2019


When to dismiss an employee

When is the best time to dismiss an employee? What can you do to ensure that you don’t get into trouble with labor unions? What is the correct procedure? Be sure to look at alternative…

Sep 18, 2019


What does Digital Forensics do?

What is Digital Forensics? Also known as Computer Forensics, it is the application of scientific investigatory techniques to digital crimes and attacks. It is the identification, preservation, examination and analysis of digital evidence. What can…

Sep 11, 2019


Policies and Procedures

If a company does not have policies and procedures in place, the company risks the safety of its employees, it’s capital and its reputation. By having these written up to suit your businesses needs and…

Sep 4, 2019


Risky Business

Any business owner should make sure their business is not at risk for fraud, theft or corruption. A risk assessment is the process of identifying, analyzing and evaluating any potential risks that might cause the…