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Jul 10, 2019


Due Diligence in a Nutshell

Due diligence is a comprehensive appraisal of a business undertaken by a prospective buyer to establish its assets and liabilities and to evaluate its commercial potential. There are 2 basic types of Due Diligence: Hard…

How to handle Office Conflict

Workplace conflict is inevitable when employees of various backgrounds and different work styles are brought together for a shared business purpose. Conflict in the workplace will increase, not decrease. And the great workplaces of the…

May 29, 2019


Background Check: Criminal checks

A Criminal Background Check is a review of a person’s criminal records. The primary reason most employers run a criminal check is to flag any criminal convictions of an applicant’s past. Sometimes, these criminal charges…

May 7, 2019


What is HR Governance?

It is a core component of Corporate Governance which is quite similar to Financial or Risk Governance. HR Governance incorporates the oversight and leadership of the HR strategy, related policies and program results. The framework…

Feb 28, 2019


Vetting and Verifying Vendors

Suppliers are a crucial part in any business. Finding and keeping exceptional suppliers are fundamental to success. Previously vetting suppliers only involved 4 factors: Price;Location/ Proximity;Capacity; andProduct selection. However; in today’s competitive market it also…