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Jun 5, 2022


Invoice Fraud

All businesses, regardless of their size are susceptible to invoice fraud. Even a few fake invoices could result in thousands, if not millions of Rands of losses. Invoice fraud is when a person notifies your company…

Jan 20, 2022


Outsourcing Litigation Support

Litigation support services are an important part of the legal process. It involves various important functions like document management services, document review services, e-discovery, deposition summaries and analysis, case summaries, drafting of motions and memos,…

Nov 12, 2021


Caught Stealing at Work

Recent studies have shown that almost 75% of employees have stolen at least once from their place of employment. Stealing from work is completely unethical! So even if you think no one will notice the…

Mar 25, 2021


The 4 Different Types Of Bad Bosses

Leaders range from the exceptional to the worst of the worst. Being a bad boss doesn't just mean employees don't like your management style. There are actually real, verified, scientifically proven traits that ineffective leaders share.…