Data Recovery – Can you afford it?

Jun 28, 2018

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Digital Forensics

“What is the most important part of your computer?”. If you had to be asked, your answer would probably be your hard drive. Its an easy question to answer as this component contains all your work and personal data.

Along with the optical drive, the hard drive has moving parts and is therefore one of the most fragile parts of your computer.

How can you protect yourself against data loss?

The number one rule is “be proactive” not “reactive”. Rather have a plan for data recovery after a crash, than try to protect your hard drive from a crash.

Although there are many safeguards you can take to protect your data, for example regular data backups, nothing can protect your computer from a hard drive failure and there are no fail-safe ways to prevent this.

Do not attempt to recover the data yourself. This may lead to further damage. It is highly recommended to contact a reputable data recovery company who can assist you with recovering your lost data.

Yes, there is a cost involved in applying any worthwhile solution. But simply looking at the cost of a solution without realistically looking at the cost of the problem is not looking at things responsibly.

Doing a DIY data recovery service yourself is of course always an option – but there is another smarter and more meaningful one out there like employing the use of a specialist Data Recover service provider.

Can I afford data recovery?

This is a question that has been asked by many of our potential clients. To be honest, you should be asking yourself “Can I afford to lose the data that I cannot retrieve from my hard drive?”.

You will need to weigh up the pros and cons. If it’s lost business data, can it be recaptured and how long would it take your PA to do this task? Is there enough time? If the lost data is your precious family holiday photos, can you let them go or do you have copies on another hard drive?

If the answer to above is ‘Yes, the data is not that important’, put the hard drive aside, and wait until you can afford to have it recovered, or else you will need to start from scratch. If you answered ‘No’ to this question, its time to invest in a respectable Data Recovery company who will recover the data for you.


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