Detection of economic crime

Dec 7, 2016

Industry News

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Detecting and Preventing Economic Crime


The detection of economic crime has presented some interesting anomalies:

• One in five organisations have not carried out a single fraud risk assessment in the last 24 months.
• Our statistics show that over the past two years there appears to have been an increased tendency by both organisations and individuals to be passive in the face of economic crime.
• 8% of South African businesses could not even tell us how serious economic crimes perpetrated against their organisations were detected.

With the increased levels of focus in recent years on the responsibility and personal accountability of management and boards insofar as good corporate governance practices are concerned, ignorance of matters affecting your company, and specifically a passive approach to detecting and preventing economic crime, is not an option – it is an open invitation for disaster, not only from a corporate perspective but on a personal level as well.


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