What Does A Digital Forensics Expert Do?

Jan 28, 2021


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Digital forensics is a crucial part of the business and with us living in the internet age it can be a rewarding and lucrative career path.

Digital forensics professionals specialise in gathering and analysing data related to cyberattacks and illegal online activity. They apply advanced data retrieval and incident analysis skills to cases involving espionage, organised cybercrime, hacking, fraud, terrorism, and the storage and distribution of illegal content. Digital forensics specialists work in both the public and private sectors. Digital forensics professionals are called into action once a breach occurs, and work to identify the hack, understand the source, and recover any compromised data.

Successful analysts possess strong analytical minds, a sharp eye for detail, and advanced technical proficiencies. They also understand the legal standards that guide criminal investigations, and they excel in communicating with others. While some digital forensics analysts work for private companies, a large percentage of their employment opportunities exist within the police force.

Digital forensics analysts assist in the investigation of crimes and cybersecurity incidents. They work to recover hidden, encrypted, or deleted information related to a case. They also safeguard the integrity of data by following a chain of custody that ensures its admissibility in court. Supplementary and adjacent duties include offering expert insights to the police and the prosecutors regarding the validity of their digital evidence. In some instances, they lead or participate in interviews with suspects or victims. Digital forensics specialists also help prepare evidence before criminal trials.

Digital forensics experts commonly work in the criminal justice system. Many private industries also employ them, including companies in financial services, information technology, computing, network security, and defence sectors. Privately employed digital forensics analysts help an organization’s internal cybersecurity team and provide an added safeguard in the event of a hack or cybercrime.

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