Causes Of Dishonesty in the Workplace

Aug 27, 2021


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Everybody lies sometimes. On average 60 per cent of people lie at least once in a 10-minute conversation with a stranger the problem is that when a small business experiences dishonesty in the workplace it can result in lost revenue, a drop in productivity and lower morale.

Unfortunately, lying is not particularly rare in the workplace. People engage in many manners of workplace dishonesty. People lie about their qualifications in job interviews, they take sick days when they are healthy, they exaggerate about their productivity, they hide their mistakes and failures, they take credit for other employees work, and they undermine their co-workers who they are competing against for promotions.

Working in an environment with unethical co-workers not only causes stress but it can also cause honest employees to either leave the company or begin to adopt unethical norms for themselves. The best thing a company can do is to take the time to understand the causes of workplace dishonesty and then develop policies to combat it.

Weak company enforcement – The company allows and even perpetuates dishonesty by not taking a strong stance against it. To dissuade workplace dishonesty there must be comprehensive policies outlining what dishonesty is and the consequences that employees will face if they violate those policies.

Disgruntled Employees – Employees who may believe that they are underpaid may feel inclined to steal from the company or they may add more overtime to their hours to add to there income. Your employees need to feel that your company offers sufficient career development opportunities to encourage them to work hard and honestly.

Low morale – Dishonesty in the workplace can be a cause of low morale, but it can also be triggered by an existing atmosphere of employee dissatisfaction as well. Employees who are dissatisfied with their jobs, management or working conditions may engage in employee theft, lie about the hours they have worked or work slowly to slow down your production level.

Accountability systems – If employees don’t fear being caught stealing, then the idea of stealing money or supplies from the company can linger among the staff. You should perform constant checks on all accounting entries, petty cash receipts and inventory systems to monitor activity and prevent dishonesty amongst your stage.

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