Fraud, Theft and Corruption Investigations

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Fraud Investigations

Uphando’s fraud examination and investigation provide the essentials for resolving fraud allegations from inception to deposition. We apply the proper procedures, techniques and methods in order to ensure an effective and time-conscious investigation. Our services include the investigation of all suspicious, disputed, fraudulent or suspected fraudulent activities. We help companies investigate alleged misconduct and measure financial losses suffered. We involve management to review the possible risk areas / factors of your company in order to implement a fraud detection and prevention strategy.


Theft Investigations

Although fraud and theft go hand in hand we also offer employee theft investigations. This relates to investigations based on any stealing, use or misuse of an employer’s assets without permission. We provide our clients with assistance and testimonies during the disciplinary procedures and dismissal of such employees. Theft in the workplace should not be an unfortunate fact of life for your company.

Corruption investigations

Fraud and corruption are the main killers of businesses across the country. Our investigation will eliminate everybody involved in corruption and not only the metaphorical head of the snake.