Fraud Response

Dec 14, 2016

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fraud response


Take a look at a case investigated by Uphando. This involves a logistics company and how they responded to a fraud event.

Company policy dictated that only the most experienced drivers would transport brand new vehicles, while used vehicles were allocated to less experienced drivers. This instruction was completely disregarded by the employees on one occasion. An experienced driver preferred to travel the route given to a less experienced driver, so he persuaded the less experienced driver to swap vehicles and routes with him. He further instructed the less experienced driver not to disclose any of this to management.

Later that day, the less experienced driver was involved in an accident. He informed the more experienced driver regarding the accident, who then reassured him that he would handle the situation. The more experienced driver reported the accident to Management, however he failed to report that the less experienced driver was in fact the one involved in the accident. The deception was carried out even further when a third driver happened to drive passed the accident scene and was instructed to stay silent about the matter. He had willingly participated in the deception without giving it a second thought.

The truth was only revealed when enquiries were made with the Accident Department from the relevant police station. After further questioning, the parties involved confessed to the blatant disregard for the rules and the deception they had displayed to their employer. The more experienced driver was immediately dismissed. As a result of the conduct displayed by the other two drivers, the employer intends to dismiss them too.


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