Nov 16, 2016

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Fraud Week


The validity of the stats we provided you with in our previous post, are evident in a case investigated by Uphando. The case involving an employee at an Insurance Underwriting company is a classic example of Procurement Fraud.

The employee allowed for claims that we registered for record-purposes only, to remain dormant for 2-3 months and then manipulated the system to reactivate those closed claims. He bypassed all internal controls for authorization by deleting and manipulating information when sending a file through for payment. These payments were made into a bank account of a non-existing company that the employee had set up. As a result of this, over
R 2, 000, 000 of fraudulent payments were made to the company’s bank account.

The employee had full control over the non-existing company’s bank account, and the money was used to fund his lavish lifestyle.

The investigation of this matter led to successful civil as well as criminal litigation.

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