Fun can Motivate Work

Dec 11, 2018

Employee Motivation

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Work PlaySword Fight


Motivation builder

If you have fun at work, you will have a lot more motivation to go in everyday. We aren’t saying turn the office into a playground but if you have a team project try turning some mundane tasks into a game or competition to keep everyone engaged. It’s a good team building exercise as well and you might also be able to see everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. Or it could show who in the groups might need more help. Having fun increases your motivation to do certain tasks.

Change easy common games

Try changing known games so that it can suit office needs. Like a work version of shark tank with a 1 min timer to pitch ideas for a project. It will help keep everyone focused on the project and employees will try to be as creative as possible. Best idea does not have to do a certain daily office task and worst idea has to make coffee for the winner. Motivation can sometimes come from trying the quickest silliest thoughts.


Work Related

If they work with numbers all day give them a puzzle with shapes or colours to figure out. It might help employees unknowingly realise what can solve their real problem. Having fun at the office doesn’t have to cost money, use things you can find in the office or supply room. Motivate employees to be as creative with what they have as possible. The more creative you can be with average objects, the more your mind can look at problems from different angles.

Weekly fun

You can have a weekly game that everyone in the office participates in as well. The winner gets a small prize that they keep for the week like a little office toy or a plastic trophy. If you can, give them something nice as well like a sweet or a chocolate bar, they will feel like they won the week. Next week is a new challenge and the “trophy gets passed on again to the new winner. Person with the most wins (and zero cheats) at the end of the year can get a longer lunch or an extra day off in the new year. Motivate those who lost try harder the next year.

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