How Sexual Harassment Affects the Workplace

Apr 7, 2021


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Despite being illegal, costly, and an affront to dignity, sexual harassment is pervasive and challenging to eliminate. Sexual harassment in the workplace increases absenteeism and turnover and lowers workplace productivity and job satisfaction. Strong workplace policies prohibiting sexual harassment, workplace training, and a complaints process that protects workers from retaliation that seems to offer the most promise in reducing sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment impacts employee productivity. Toxic workplaces lead to reduced employee productivity. When an employee has experienced an incident of sexual harassment, or worse a steady campaign of harassment, their output will be affected. Research has shown that employees that experience sexual harassment leads to job dissatisfaction and disengagement. Other ways sexual harassment affects the workplace are tardiness, absenteeism, project neglect, and employee distraction.

Sexual harassment can affect everyone because it creates an environment that makes it harder for employees to succeed.

Victims of sexual harassment often suffer emotional and psychological harm, including stress, depression, and anxiety. They often experience decreased confidence and self-esteem.

Sexual harassment can also wreak havoc on a victim’s job performance. Fear and decreased confidence can cause some people to withdraw from the workplace and disengage from co-workers. They are more likely to be tardy, absent, distracted, and neglect duties. If victims of sexual harassment report the harassment, they may suffer advancement setbacks such as being passed over for promotions, being left out of keys meetings, retaliation, and being labeled as a troublemaker.

The effects of sexual harassment in the workplace and associated litigation can present a clear, and present danger to your business. By being proactive, instituting sound policy and offering comprehensive sexual harassment prevention training, you can reduce the likelihood of workplace sexual harassment occurring.

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