How to motivate employees just before Christmas holidays

Nov 12, 2018

Employee Motivation

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Motivate employees

Year end is in sight.

Only one month till the school calendar comes to and end. This means Christmas shopping, exams, visitor preparations etc.

Don’t forget work needs to fit into this busy schedule before the holidays start.
Everyone is tired after the long busy year and is struggling to stay motivated and energized.

Staff may start taking longer lunches, skipping meetings, lack of concentration or just checking out mentally from work tasks.

So what can you do to motivate employees for the last stretch before the long awaited and well deserved holiday break?

Here are some tips to motivate employees and keep spirits up to focus on work:

Set short, Achievable Year End Goals. The keyword is Achievable.

Employees can stay on track and focused much easier if they have a clear goal with a finish line in sight. It could be hitting a sales target or deadline, landing a particular client, anything that will keep staff motivated to the end.
Set a team goal. Involve your team in decisions and get their input this way they will take ownership and motivate themselves.

Get organised and map out all the deadlines and targets required before the well deserved holiday season. Communicate with staff and get there buy in and commitment. Knowing what needs to happen reduces stress and keeps the focus energy going till the end.

The benefits of Incentive Programs to improve performance:

The following results were found in a study by the International Society of Performance on performance increase due to incentives:
• 22% in individuals,
• 44% in teams;
• 15% when rewards were offered,

Incentives can make a big difference in the motivation of staff. Small incentives like certain rewards for achieving goals determined by management i.e.:
• Head and shoulder massage voucher;
• 1 day extra leave;
• Leaving early on day per week till the shutdown for personal errands.

Finishing the year on a high note by achieving goals and targets at the end of the year leaves employees feeling valuable. This sets the team up with positive energy to hit the ground running for the next year.

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