How To Prevent Employee Theft In Your Retail Store

Jul 1, 2021


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Shoplifters aren’t the only threat to your retail store’s survival. Employee retail theft can be even more insidious and more damaging. If you have a good relationship with your staff, with plenty of communication and trust, the chances are that you will have nothing to worry about. But if you have your suspicions, here are a few ways to deal with the situation.

Place security cameras at your till – You can choose cameras that focus narrowly on till area to capture any activity. In most cases just having security cameras visible is enough to deter employee cash theft. Monitor you security recordings daily for any suspicious activity.

Do a daily cash count – Balancing the till against the day’s receipts still remains the best way to spot stealing small amounts of cash from the till. Develop instructions for employees to do the closing and have them work in teams, switching the teams regularly to pin point any suspicious activity.

Make it easy for employees to report misbehaviour – It’s hard enough to be a whistleblower; if employees have to jump through hoops to report misbehaviour, they very likely won’t.

Perform Background Checks And Screen Potential New Hires – Inspect employees’ handbags, backpacks or other bags before they leave for the day. It’s a simple, but effective, way to deter inventory theft.

Maintain a presence in the store – If customers know that employees are keeping an eye on them, they may be less likely to steal. This also works to decrease employee theft.

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