If you have a car crash during curfew, will your insurance claim be rejected?

Feb 18, 2021

Insurance Fraud

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As we know there are many rumours going around warning people that car crashes during curfew will not be covered by your insurance company because it will be seen as you were breaking the law and we all know that insurers can be quite sticky when it comes to honouring claims if you were doing anything illegal at the time of the “event”.

To our surprise some insurance companies in South Africa stated that driving during the curfew hours will not in itself automatically lead to a claim rejection because of increased risk. It seems that most short term insurance companies in South Africa are judging cases based on their own merits to determine whether breaking the curfew added to the risk but be aware this does not apply to apply to all insurance companies in South Africa!

If you are insured with Santam do not take a chance as they have said that their clients are to adhere to the regulations as any transgressions could result in repercussions.

Outsurance has stated that they will not necessarily reject any claims from incidents that happen during the curfew hours. They will review each claim’s circumstances .

If you are insured with Discovery they are assessing each claim and basing it on its own merits.

Telesure Investment Holdings has said that they too will be assessing each claim based on its own merit, as driving during curfew would not in itself be a reason to reject a claim.

Hollard Insurance said it they would consider an incident during these hours based on its merits and they would try to understand how being on the road during those times may have contributed to the claim.

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