Micromanagement kills Motivation

Nov 27, 2018

Employee Motivation

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Letting employees do their work without being micromanaged is a great way to motivate and teach. If employees feel like they are in control of their own work they can do a much better job. But if you don’t allow them to make a few mistakes and learn from them and correctly it, they will never gain confidence in their ability. They will become more efficient if they are autonomous.


Instead of trying to micromanage employees you can then spend your time more effectively and the goals you have can be reached much easier and quicker. You then have more time to get more projects and let the company grow. If employees are under constant watch, they will never learn from their mistakes. They will never grow confidence in their skills and abilities.

Tell your employees what must be done, be clear and precise, tell them what the deadlines are and then give them the freedom to do it themselves. Make sure they understand why their part is important. Be willing to help and offer employees guidance when they ask for it, but don’t do it when they are trying to figure it out for themselves. If employees know how important a project is and they know what they are doing and how to do it then they will put in more effort to ensure it is a success.

If employees have autonomous control over their work they will do it when their motivation is highest whether that be early in the mornings or after work, as long as their work is done and at good standard before the deadline passes. Employees will be able to manage their time more efficiently, which will motivate them to work hard.

What more is needed

By giving employees control over their own work, you can see how much training they still need or how much potential they have. You can also see, who thrives in what areas and how to utilize their skills. If you utilize their potential, the company can quickly grow into something much bigger and better.

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