Motivation for the New Year

Jan 15, 2020

Employee Motivation

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To reach goals, motivation is needed from when you set your goal until you have achieved your goal. A new year is the perfect opportunity to set goals for the year and motivate employees to achieve them. It will also help to get your employees excited and focused on the goals. If employees are excited about their future with the company, they will stay longer.

What is needed for the goals?

  • Achievable; Make sure the goals can be achieved with the employees and equipment currently available at the company;
  • Be clear and concise: Make sure everyone in the company understands the goals;
  • Have a plan: To achieve a goal, you need to know how you are going to get there, plan ahead and make sure everyone in the company understands their role and impact;
  • Break the main goal up into smaller and shorter timespan goals;
  • Celebrate and thank staff when the goals are reached. It will show your employees that you appreciate their hard work and recognize their efforts; and
  • When it seems like the goal is difficult to reach, motivate staff to reach it rather than complain. Everyone is in your company is a part of the team.

What can you do?

  • Accommodate training: When an employee is struggling, offer to assist or get them training, it will increase their productivity and motivation them as they can see the company cares about their success;
  • Provide ownership: Give your employees space and time to complete tasks on their own without being monitored. Without micro-management, they will learn how to be more productive and train themselves in ways to do their job better. If there are mistakes, provide them with feedback and ask if they need assistance. If they do, then assist without taking over, be sure to merely use it as a training chance. Trust your employees to do their job the way they were trained to;
  • Build healthy work relations: If employees are excited to be at work and enjoy their time without drama or bad relations then they will be more motivated to be productive;
  • Prioritize appraisals: Appraise employees who work hard and do whatever they can to ensure success. Even if it is merely a recognition or thank you early in the year;
  • Ask employees for their opinion and take their opinions into consideration, they could give some great insight on how to increase productivity and it makes them feel valued;
  • Make every meeting motivational. Use positive reinforcement and constructive criticism for any mistakes made and sure employees understand their mistakes. However, do not call them out in front of everyone else;
  • Communicate often with employees and let them know when things are going well or not. If communication is broken, then mistakes can be made and productivity lowers;
  • Teamwork: If employees feel like they are part of a team, they will work together to solve problems and achieve goals. It will also assist in creating a good working environment and good working relations; and
  • Go over policies and make sure everything is still up to date and that you won’t run into problems later.
Contact Uphando if you would like some team building training or if you would like to work out any and all problems between employees before it gets worse so a fresh start can be had for the new year.

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