New Year, New Challenges

Jan 8, 2020

Employee Motivation

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It is a new year with new challenges and chances. A chance to be better and work harder with new energy after the holidays. Use this new year to put your all into what you are doing. Everyday is a chance to better your future.

Here are some suggestions for the new year: 

  • Use the time you have to not only work hard but smarter, don’t waste time and energy on tasks that can be done quicker and easier (always keep safety in mind first however, it is much more important); 
  • Work on your skills. Do a course or ask a more experienced colleague for some assistance to improve where you are struggling;  
  • If things seem too difficult, stay positive. Drink a glass of water and clear your mind. It will be much easier to think of a solution that way; 
  • Live healthier. It is easier to focus on anything if you take care of your body and mind; 
  • Don’t be shy to ask or speak up if something is troubling you. Make sure that you don’t come across as a critic but rather a genuine concern; 
  • Double check that you don’t make silly mistakes that could get you into unnecessary trouble because your mind is still on holiday; 
  • Notice what other do for you and thank their efforts, they might need to hear it; 
  • Think twice before you scold, it might be something that can be easily fixed and this way you won’t unnecessarily hurt someone’s feelings; 
  • Be less critical and more tactful. The employee might just need some guidance rather than discipline; 

Enjoy the new year and all the challenges it may bring. You can only grow stronger from it or learn from it. 

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