Pro’s & Con’s Of Virtual Interviews

Jul 21, 2021


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Companies seeking employees are often able to tell from the very first moments of an interview whether a candidate is the best person for the position. They know whether the work environment and team dynamics will suit the personality of the person and if the working style of the potential employee will fit the team. Unfortunately due to Covid-19 employers are now having to conduct virtual interviews when looking for a new candidate to fill a position in their company. Lets take a look at the pro’s and con’s of virtual interviews


It saves time for both the interviewer and the candidate – when you do an interview over Zoom or Skype you don’t need to commute to interview, wait in any lines and you don’t have to dress from head to toe to impress the interviewer.

Virtual interviews can be recorded – interviews conducted on Zoom or Skype can be recorded, this makes it easier for the interviewer to show it to their other team members to gather their input on a final decision.

You will feel more comfortable – because the interview will more than likely be conducted in your home it alleviates your stress levels as you are in an environment that you know and are comfortable and confident.


There could be connection problems – one of the annoying things about doing an interview over Zoom or Skype is that your internet connection may drop which could cause the interview to mishear you, the could cause them to misenterprit what you are saying which could affect their overall call on hiring you.

You could be shy speaking on camera – if you are a shy person you could feel embarrassed speaking on camera which could cause you to come acres as resevred which could make it hard for the interviewer to see that you easily communicate and that you are a team player

It’s more difficult to “sell yourself” – when doing a face-to-face interview it’s easier for you to “sell yourself” to the interviewer as opposed to a virtual interview.

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