Individual Background Research Quiz

Are you trying to locate a third party?
Do you know what a thorough background check on an individual entails and what vital information can be obtained from it?
Can your current service provider provide you with up-to-date consumer information on an individual, such as potential fraud indicators, property interest and principal links, as well as a comprehensive debt summary?
Are you able to confirm whether the individual holds any directorships?
Have you checked the criminal record of the individual?
Are you able to access the Deeds Office Database to obtain real-time information regarding the property interests of an individual?
Can your service provider verify an individual’s driving licence within 48-72 hours?
Are you aware of the financial situations of your employees, especially those placed in trust positions?
Do you usually accept that the educational and career qualifications listed by an individual as true without verification?
Is your company equipped to conduct Individual Background Checks without the use of an external firm?

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