Lifestyle Audit Quiz

Does a person’s living standards seem inconsistent with his/her reported income?
Has one of your employees undergone an extremely extravagant lifestyle change without any explanation?
Does he/she display certain warning signs or red flags indicating that they are engaging in illicit activities?
Will you know where to start looking for possible evidence in a suspected case of fraud, including investigation into the background of a suspect?
Do you have access to third party databases to obtain a suspect’s information such as credit record, directorship status and list of properties owned?
Are you familiar with the term Lifestyle Audit and what it entails?
Does your company have a policy in place which allows for Lifestyle Audits on employees should the need arise?
Do you have employees that are employed in trust positions (i.e in charge of payroll) and are these employees subjected to an annual Lifestyle Audit?
Have you considered the implementation of annual Lifestyle Audits on employees as a means to prevent/deter potential fraud and corruption in the workplace?
Is your company equipped to conduct Lifestyle Audits without the use of an external Forensic Audit/Investigative firm?

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