Recognition and Rewards

Nov 15, 2018

Employee Motivation

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Employees work hard all year round, recognition and rewards could go a long way in keeping their spirits up and pushing through till the end of the year. If employees know they will be rewarded for their efforts they will put in a little extra as they know it will be worth their while.

Positive feedback to employees can go a long way in keeping energy and motivation levels high. It is also conducive to the work environment and much more enjoyable to employees if they feel they are valued.

Something to try:

Why not organise a team event that celebrates the successes of the year? It could be anything, from a simple office group lunch to something more out there like a group fun run or charity event. Ask for input from your employees. It will also make them feel more involved and part of the team. Planning it as a team can be their side project which is a team building exercise in itself.

Yes, you could go with the time old classic of gift cards or a 13th check but you don’t have to. Some employees might enjoy some extra days off even more than money.

Annual bonuses are another one, but if they are perceived as unfair or disappointing they can make your employees motivation drop even lower. To counter this you can try giving smaller more regular bonuses throughout the year, as long as employees notice your recognition and rewards for their efforts, their motivation will be much easier to keep up.

Another view on recognition and reward of staff is to choose a day close to the end of the year and celebrate the successes of the business and its staff. Have a small ceremony and hand out rewards to the employees who have worked hard and walked the extra mile. Either you can pick the rewards or get the input from the team which again helps build team spirit. It will show that that they are valued and their efforts are being seen.

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