Recruitment Fraud

Feb 21, 2017

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recruitment fraud


Have you heard of the term “recruitment fraud”?

Recruitment fraud is a growing trend where someone creates a fake job listing in the hopes of garnering either money or personal data from applicants.
They do this by several means:
• Getting applicants to divulge personal details in a fake application, including identification details like ID or passport numbers..
• Asking for bank information for any reason, such as:
o To pay for training materials;
o To set up a company account or for direct deposits;
o To pay for travel to an interview or job location; or
o To pay for visa-processing fees for foreign relocations.
• Directly asking for money for any reason (the reasons may be similar to the reasons they ask for banking information).
• Getting viruses or malware onto applicant’s computers and/or mobile devices through attachments or links in the job posting or other communications.
• Prompting users to try to log into accounts that are actually fake. This mirrors a typical phishing scheme in which the scammer then records the information entered on the fake site and uses it to log into the real account.


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