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Oct 23, 2019

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Industrial Relations

Industrial Relations encompasses the relationship between the management and the staff and the role of a regulatory body to resolve any industrial disputes. The role mainly covers the following aspects: Regulatory body to resolve industrial…

Sep 4, 2019


Risky Business

Any business owner should make sure their business is not at risk for fraud, theft or corruption. A risk assessment is the process of identifying, analyzing and evaluating any potential risks that might cause the…

Jul 10, 2019


Due Diligence in a Nutshell

Due diligence is a comprehensive appraisal of a business undertaken by a prospective buyer to establish its assets and liabilities and to evaluate its commercial potential. There are 2 basic types of Due Diligence: Hard…

Mar 25, 2019


What is Computer Forensics?

The purpose of Digital / Computer Forensics is to: Search;Preserve; andAnalyse information on a computer, device and or central processing unit to find evidence in support of an investigation. When dealing with data, it is…

Mar 15, 2019


How does a Lifestyle Audit or Asset Tracing work?

In order to commence with such an investigation, a seasoned Investigator can utilise minimal information to obtain success. However, the following information will be of great assistance: Identity of the suspected fraudster(s);Any documentary evidence; andAll…

Jan 23, 2019


Voice Stress Analysis

  What is Voice Stress Analysis? It is a pseudo scientific technology used to measure deception from the voice of a person being tested. The person speaks and a microphone records their voice frequencies. Benefits…