The 4 Different Types Of Bad Bosses

Mar 25, 2021


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Leaders range from the exceptional to the worst of the worst. Being a bad boss doesn’t just mean employees don’t like your management style. There are actually real, verified, scientifically proven traits that ineffective leaders share. Below you will find the list of the four different types of bad bosses.

The Bully Boss – Bully bosses use intimidation and public humiliation to keep their employees on task, not realising that their behaviour often has the opposite effect. They target innocent employees by constantly criticising, shaming and humiliating them. Bully bosses are all about control.

The Passive-Aggressive/Micromanaging Boss – A passive-aggressive boss can undermine efforts to succeed in the workplace without crossing the line into harassment or abuse. This type of boss will often provide unclear feedback to employees, stir up a bit of office drama and will usually disguise hostility as humour.

Incompetent Bosses – This is quite a large variety of bosses, ranging from bosses who lack basic managerial and leadership skills to bosses who are constantly making bad decisions and alienate people.

The Psychopathic Boss – A psychopathic boss is quite possibly the most toxic of all bosses. This type of boss has traits such as lack of behavioural control, manipulativeness, and impulsivity can point to a psychopathic boss. Psychopathic people are often described as having a lack of empathy which can often result in being overly critical of employees, taking advantage of them, and all-around behaving aggressively in the workplace.

If you have one of these bosses, consider going to higher-ups about him or her, or getting a new job. Working for a bad boss isn’t worth your time, energy, or effort.

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