The Growing Need For Employee Screening

Apr 5, 2018

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employee screening

Fraud and corruption. Tragically two words that are no strangers to the average South African. And with the current state of the global economy which has led to a growing unemployment rate, employees who are unable to find work due to a lack of experience or qualifications will end up making fraudulent claims on their CVs just to try and land an interview with a potential employer.

Business owners and HR professionals are also under growing pressure to find efficient candidates quickly and easily from a large pool of candidates. So if the CV looks good and the candidate dazzles in the interview, one may be tempted to hire based on good faith rather than a scientific screening processes. This is hence the reason why the need for Employment Background Screening & Vetting is on the rise.

Pre-employment screening is a process that allows employers to verify information such as education, prior employment history and performance. In addition, the screening process reveals important information about a candidate’s prior behaviour, which can help an employer assess potential risk posed by the candidate. Prior behaviours can include credit history and bankruptcy, driving records, criminal convictions as well as civil litigation.

Some of the most common problems associated with not implementing Employee Background Screening, include: erroneously hiring an employee who does not have the appropriate qualifications required for the position, an employee who has lied about the past work experience and the reasons for leaving a previous employer, and finally recruiting individuals who have a criminal history or reputation for siphoning funds from their employers.

Some of the most important Employee Screening Checks include: Identity & Address Verification, Criminal & Credit Record Checks, Employment & Educational History including Character Reference Checks, Qualification Verifications, and Drivers Licence Checks.


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