The what and why of Entity Background Checks

Mar 6, 2018

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Entity Background Checks

Entity Background Checks

žStarting a new business inherently comes with risks that must be mitigated. Just like launching a new product, choosing a new business partner/customer requires protecting your business against potential risk and failure. One wrong move could deal a crushing blow to your company’s bottom line. Even if your prospective partner seems like an ideal choice, you should always err on the safe side of caution.

žThe drive behind any background check is the goal of a long and prosperous business relationship. A potential partner will hopefully come to represent your company’s best interests, and as such, their past is of the utmost importance.

žConducting a thorough entity background check will minimize your risk and potential failure. Entity background checks consists of researching the complete background data of a company.

žSome of the critical questions that arise during the process of evaluating a business include:

    • Complete business background dataIt’s not enough to look at only certain aspects of a company but rather to look at the business as a whole. For example, is the business really what it appears to be? Do public records turn up any red flags? Are there any bankruptcy filings?
    • Mitigate commercial credit risk: Looking at a business’ credit history tells you a lot about the business and the level of risk they bring to your credit portfolio. What is their business credit score and payment history?
    • Days beyond term: Understanding days beyond term helps reveal how prompt a business is in paying its bills. What is its past payment history? Will it be able to make payments when it says it will?


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