Three Strikes – Is the employee out?

Nov 7, 2017

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Three strikes

Implementing any strict disciplinary policy in the workplace comes with pros and cons. The so-called “three strikes” rule is no exception.

To ensure the effectiveness of this technique, outline actions that lead to punishment and potential termination for your company. Employees need to be aware of behaviors that lead to discipline. By explicitly stating the consequences of each infraction, you deter repeat offenders and create a more structured workplace. Employing a three-strike policy allows room for initial mistakes and a subsequent chance to correct. Applying this technique illustrates the company’s disciplinary policy to your team in a clear cause-and-effect manner.

This policy can both create a comforting level of consistency in evaluating disputes, but also offers serious challenges. Even baseball sees its share of arguments over umpire decisions to call strikes. Employee discipline requires consistency that is combined with good judgment and business sense. Keep your eyes open and make decisions that are consistent with goals and expectations, not the rules of another game.


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