Who uses asset tracing?

Jan 18, 2018

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Who is a typical client needing asset tracing?

Large corporate and other big conglomerates are obvious candidates, but so are smaller companies and high net-worth individuals.

A typical client may approach Uphando because a business transaction has gone wrong, or fraud or theft has been committed, or they are owed a significant debt. Proliferation of electronic data and information means you have to be on top of IT advances in data management and know exactly what a skilled fraudster can do to hide information. Again, it takes constant effort, time and study.

Many businesses simply don’t have the resources, knowledge or time to chase up a fraudster themselves. They need a specialist investigations agency to do the digging for them.

By resorting to investigating yourself and not using sound evidence-gathering techniques and you can:

  • inadvertently tip off the person or people under suspicion and they will cover their tracks – and make any subsequent professional trace doubly difficult and expensive;
  • pick the wrong person and ruin a perfectly sound working relationship; and
  • Scupper your chances of winning your case in court by not presenting your evidence in a legally compliant way – thus losing any hope of regaining your assets.

Three key reasons, then, why you might consider approaching us at Uphando for a reliable, careful and thorough asset tracing service.


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